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[HOW-TO] Disable self updating of Google Play Store


Google’s play store is a awesome place for Android users, it contains everything an android user would require including books, apps, movies, music etc.

Google’s play store application is also well furnished and well updated according to current times, but it contains a major issue (for some people), one of them is self updating of play store without even the user being notified.

The major problem of self updating is that it uses data to download the update, and many users with very limited data pack will not like to invest their valuable resource in updating something which is not required.

There are many ways out there like changing permission of Google Play store apk file but is not practically good to do as play store will still download the update and will also use your precious and while in download process your mobile will operate slowly than normal.

So as to solve this problem xda member Tsjoklat have come forward with some modded play store apks which will disable self update and app download restriction (countries, devices etc.)

The only limitation of this [HOW-TO] os that you will need to have root access and S-OFF on HTC devices

Steps to install this play store

1. Unisntall the previous version of the play store with the help of titanium backup (or similar app)

2. Restart your mobile

2. Download modded Play store apks from link provided at the end of this post

3. Now rename the downloaded file to “Vending.apk” (without quote)

4. Now copy that Vending.apk file to /system/app

5. Set permission as shown below by ticking the respective option
     RW –
     R – –
     R – –

R stands for “read”

W stand for “write”

stands for “Empty”  “nothing”

6. Now see if play store is there in your app drawer of its not then just one more time reboot your mobile

Download the play store apk according to your device DPI


1. Google Play store 3.7.11

2. Google Play store 3.7.13

3. Google Play Store 3.7.15

4. Google Play store 3.8.15

5. Google Play store 3.8.16

6. Google Play store 3.8.17

7. Google Play store 3.9.16

8. Google Play store 3.9.17

9. Google Play store  3.10.9

10. Google Play Store 3.10.10

11. Google Play Store 3.10.14

12. Google Play store 4.0.25

13. Google Play store 4.0.26

14. Google Play store 4.0.27

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  1. minipop says:

    As a wi-fi user it doesn't really matter much to me, but for the data pack users I assume it would a lot of trouble for them.

    By the way, the new look of the Google Play store is much better compared to previous versions, it feels much lighter and faster and it's a pleasure to look at. I myself, didn't use to go to the app store very often but now, it's really appealing, so my recommendation is to install it, or in this case let it be updated :) .

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